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My recent contribution : distribution of audio tubes where zero-defects, customer satisfaction and decent conditions are the goal :

Building stuff for fun and without profit :

Build a Dynaco ST70 clone vta-70

Rebuilding an fm-1 tuner to a linebuffer / cathode follower with a IR remote control

Refurbishing a Dynaco PAS3X with tubes4hifi powersupply board, otherwize in standard ( MINT) condition

Building a "bedroom guitar amp molly , demonstrating the use of JJ ECC99 as powertube

Building an exact tubemeasuring device aka tubetracer uTracer

An old Dynaco sca35 is refurbished

Mixed tube documents tubedoc

Save your mailserver from spam - try blocklist.

Some thoughts how to improve a Toyota prius

Whats in a number ? Can a number be protected by Copyright?

How can you tell when Donald Trump lies ? answer

Karl Walfridsson Minnesanteckningar En Krigares Minnen" i pdf format ( originalet tyvärr förlorat)